Student Life

Medical Service

We have a Paediatrician, Nurse and Paramedic on site. The medical team is certified by the American Heart Association in Basic Life Support and Paediatric Advanced Support. Influenza and HPV vaccination campaigns are conducted throughout the school year, as well as lice check, and cardiac, visual, and hearing evaluations conducted by outside medical specialists.

Health and Safety

We have closed circuit television, clear signalling, emergency exits and smoke detectors in each room. The fire extinguishers are located in the areas specified by Civil Protection.

After school

Experienced and certified teachers work with our physical-recreational programs in order to improve the coordination and skills of our students.
We have facilities that encourage the development of our students' potential, including a gymnasium, a professional soccer field with slipways and locker rooms, an indoor basketball court, and multipurpose rooms.
Students can choose from activities such as Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Tae Kwon Do, Jazz, Tennis, Swimming, Video Game Creation, Liks (STEAM), Robotics, Piano, Guitar, available from Kindergarten through High School.

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