After school

The After School Program complements the academic activities of students by contributing to their holistic development.
Our objective is to encourage growth in athletic, cultural, artistic, and social abilities and talents through the activities offered.
Our program promotes creativity, exercise, and discipline, but above all, the formation of positive leadership based on respect, cooperation, solidarity, and effort.
y el esfuerzo.


Day Care

The Day Care Program extends the normal class schedule with additional attention and care for our Preschool students. During this extra time, our young students take part in a variety of different artistic, hands-on activities such as origami and storytime. Day Care service also includes a delicious, nutritious lunch.


The Cafeteria service offered by Instituto Thomas Jefferson-Campus Guadalajara has Punto Limpio certification, given by the Secretary of Tourism, which evaluates good practice in quality hygiene. All foods and beverages also meet standards required by SEP and ISP.


Our Infirmary is equipped with advanced medical equipment including an Automated External Desfibrillator (AED). Students and school staff receive attention from a doctor and a nurse who form part of our full-time staff.


Transportation services can be provided to specific meeting points in different neighborhoods. After registering for the services with our assistants in reception, we will share your needs with the transportation provider who will then contact each family for a direct contract.