Special Programs

Gifted and Talented

Attention program for gifted students. Founded in 2009 and based on the training and enrichment philosophy from CTY, the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University. Gifted and Talented is a program through which we identify, guide and enrich students with outstanding abilities, their families and teachers, to find as a community, the best ways to enhance their talent. Through a “pull-out” system, our students exercise their skills through project-based learning, pursuing their interests and learning passions while acquiring tools to grow holistically.

Inclusion Program

Follow-up and monitoring program for students with already identified learning differences and in need of multiple curricular accommodations or modifications. Our inclusion program aims to minimize or eliminate the barriers that our students face in their learning processes, so that their school life is successful, enriching and challenging. Through intensive and personalized follow-up, their families and teachers continually work as a team to help students achieve their goals, strive for continuous progress, and shine through their personal abilities.

Learning Support

Program designed for detecting and identifying differences in learning as well as possible difficulties to achieve learning goals. Through continuous follow up of students and teachers in the first level of intervention, differences in student learning are identified in order to guide families in the correct assessment, referral for external attention and if necessary, design basic accommodations in the classroom that promote continuous student progress.