Developing internationally-minded leaders

Developing internationally-minded leaders

What makes us special?

We fundamentally understand each student is unique and has different abilities, talents and academic strengths, which we aim to shape into amazing future success.

From writers, to doctors, to fashion stars and engineers, our three thousand five hundred graduates all say the same about their experiences at Santa Monica: the school allowed them space, time and creativity, to develop their own vision of the future and gave them the passion to use their solid academic knowledge, skills and understanding, to change the world for the better.


Fam. Ibáñez

“Han sido 2 años llenos de grandes retos, pero también de grandes logros! ITJ le ha dado a nuestro pequeño, ese apapacho, esa fuerza y capacidad de resiliencia ante las adversidades de la vida, le ha demostrado que a diario se puede ser mejor, a encontrar y disfrutar de sus habilidades; nos ha regalado estabilidad, una gran sonrisa y la seguridad de que él crecerá cuidado, feliz y único!”

Vanshika Rajwani

“A school that goes beyond the books and practically introduces children to new age concepts! Going the extra mile has made it more fascinating for children and has definitely made learning more fun. From celebrating world festivals to teaching different languages and participating in extracurricular activities, children are given a bright future. Periodic interaction with teachers and other specialists allows me to actively influence my child’s future.”

Kanika Mehrotra

“One of the best decision I have ever taken is to educate my child in “Instituto Thomas Jefferson campus Santa Mónica”. Best school in Mexico City. Great place for the overall development of a child. It gives exposure to students in almost all fields. The school provides a safe, loving, secure environment and lays the best foundation for children’s academic endeavor’s. The teachers are very co-operative and humble, they focus on conceptual teaching. The teaching methods are just amazing. I don’t find any burden or pressure of studies.The schools focuses on the overall development of children and doesn’t just focus on academics. ITJ is just not a school, it’s a community of individuals who have come together to make the world a better place with their students!!.. I’m very happy and proud to be a part of this school.”


Our Philosophy

Santa Monica aims to develop globally connected citizens, in a world that is changing exponentially; in which critical thinking, creativity and communication, including the ability to speak English, are of particular importance. We do our utmost, to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and understanding, to confront the complexities and contemporary challenges within their local communities and the wider world.

Welcome to ITJ Santa Mónica

It is a pleasure to welcome you to ITJ Santa Monica, a community strengthened and committed every day to provide a meaningful educational experience for each of our students. With great pride and enthusiasm, I introduce myself, I am Monica Montalvo, General Director of ITJ Santa Monica. I joined the institution in 2010 and since then I have been fortunate to get to know the school's philosophy and our beloved community. I am committed to this educational journey; we will continue with the foundations that have distinguished us for so many years of experience and with the responsibility to innovate, always keeping our students at the core.

Our main goal is to create an environment where our students can thrive, learn and develop as future leaders. During this learning process, we are interested in their well-being and socio-emotional development. We are convinced that teamwork will allow us to support them in their integral development.

We also cultivate a caring environment based on our institutional values. Honesty, respect and responsibility are the principles that guide our daily interactions and strengthen the bonds between members of our community.

We acknowledge and appreciate the support of our large community of families.

I am convinced that, with hard work and dedication, we will continue to strengthen and maintain an environment that adds positive experiences to the journey of our students.

Mónica Montalvo
General Director

What makes us different?

A total of 17% of our students is studying abroad

Around 95% of our students have been accepted into prestigious national and international universities.

In total, 25% of our students are offered academic excellence scholarships.

Overall, 35% of our students have participated in learning experiences around the world

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