About Us


By putting the child at the center of the system, we work to empower them through their high abilities, strengthen them to reduce or eliminate the barriers they may experience in their learning and integrate them into an international educational community.

We value diversity based on a model that serves the child through multiple disciplines and different levels in their learning process. We firmly believe that each child is unique in their way of being and learning and we put strategies and supports at their service so that their experience at ITJ is fully enriching.

ITJ Essence


Project-based learning is an educational strategy that allows students to become active members in the research and solution of problems. The objective is to find answers and solutions through teamwork while at the same time providing space for students to reason, think critically, utilize multiple sources and resources; within that process, students also are simultaneously working to better their skills for oral and written expression.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Sustainability (STEAMS) is a learning model that combines all of these areas of study into one over-arching project or learning plan that allows students to learn through practice and teamwork.  The main advantage of this model is that students are better able to develop their skills and competencies through study, practice, and hands-on projects.

Readers and writers

Our Readers/Writers methodology stems from the actual, current reading levels of each student. Reading levels are obtained through individual evaluations and is based on personal progress that students show throughout the school year. 

Teachers stimulate effective reading and writing habits by using a variety of resources and strategies that are adequate for their age level and are designed and proven through rigorous academic research.


Through this program, Instituto Thomas Jefferson Guadalajara Palomar supports gifted, high-achieving students and transform their interests into talents. The main objective of this program is to develop thinking structures and abilities that will allow students to put their natural potential into action as citizens of the future.


The Buddy Exchange Program is a study abroad program that offers students at Instituto Thomas Jefferson the chance to experience life in different parts of the world such as: England, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, United States, Malaysia, Qatar, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

This exchange program provides our students with the enriching, international opportunity to know and live abroad, strengthening the sense of globalism, friendship, and companionship.


TJMUN is a program that allows students to simulate the discussions and works of the United Nations. Students debate recurring themes and real-life problems that have a world-wide impact. In this simulation, students assume the roles of delegates of the United Nations (UN), and while representing a country and the respective posture that country may have toward a certain topic and idea.

This project gives students the chance to learn about the world and its many problems, and to remain informed and aware of what is going on in our country and the world.
It is an opportunity for personal, intellectual, and academic learning, in which the student manages to develop the capacity for research, expression of ideas and opinions, respecting the position of each country.

This exchange program provides our students with the enriching, international opportunity to know and live abroad, strengthening the sense of globalism, friendship, and companionship.

ITJ Difference


A Laboratory for Life

The Philosophy of Instituto Thomas Jefferson Guadalajara Palomar is to prepare students beyond the traditional academic system, so that they may have, in addition to an excellent academic preparation, a whole child formation which will allow them to become joyful and successful individuals.

It is important for us to provide our students with a variety of tools and emotional strengths necessary for the solution of real-world problems such as:






Life planning


Critical thinking

Welcome to Instituto Thomas Jefferson Campus Palomar

Instituto Thomas Jefferson-Campus Guadalajara became a reality at the Palomar site over 18 years ago. Our motto of Respect, Self-esteem, and Excellence, became the framework for our Mission Statement and all we do as an educational institution. The ITJ team seeks to provide the highest quality of learning for our students in a safe and joyful environment.

We are proud of our accomplishments, which include International accreditation by NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges), membership in ASOMEX, world-class academic standing, strong supportive programs for both sports and cultural events, and our incorporation into ISP (International Schools Partnership) which provides the opportunities for our students to participate in a global vision and activities.

It is our sincere hope that you will join our prestigious community as we move forward into the future.
Thank you.

Melody Martin del Campo, M. Ed.
Co-founder/ Consultant General Direction


At the Thomas Jefferson Institute, we are committed to the integral development of our students, providing them with the tools that encourage creativity and prepare them to be citizens of the future.

Our school currently consists of 51 general classrooms, and includes Preschool, Elementary, Middle and the High School sections.  Each classroom is equipped with projectors, speakers, and Smartboards that produce an interactive learning experience.

Our Technology program includes:

  • Specialized technology laboratories: two with the PC platform, one mobile Apple platform and one with five different workstations.
  • Technology classes, where students learn through, among other sources, Office, coding, design and 3D printing, keyboarding, animation, creation and editing of videos, and Adobe Suite.
  • Use by students of Google Suite.
  • The Makerspace Center; has both low- and high-tech opportunities, and provides and exciting opportunity where students can dream, build, invent, design, prototype, and so much more! The Makerspace Center allows for unique, creative, and innovative ways of learning through 3D printers, in which students can print prototypes of various projects.
    LEGO Robotics: students build and program scale models with the use of LEGO.
  • Students learning experiences, enhanced by the use of Smartboards and iPads in all K-12 rooms.
  • Smartboards in all K-12 rooms, tactile and interactive with iPads · 3D printers, in which students can print prototypes of various projects.

International Learning Opportunities for Students (ILOS)

Being part of ISP also provides our high school students with unique opportunities for learning and collaboration, such as the Model United Nations and Buddy Exchange Program.

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