ITJ Distinctive

The Thomas Jefferson family is made up of alumni of more than thirty years and who today are architects, doctors, artists, and much more… Parents, who are always ready to give their child the best; teachers, committed to shaping happy and positive children, and finally children, who every day share their magic in the classroom. We are a great family who nurtures each other with love and values; a family that believes and participates in a better Mexico.

Educational Model

We have designed a unique educational model based on nine interlinking areas proposed and crafted by our internal council of academics, psychologists, and innovators as well as international universities and top companies. Our objective is that our students become positive agents of change for their family and Mexico. Our cause is to develop in our students the foundations to be positive leaders and entrepreneurs who are socially responsible and environmentally conscious. Our students are happy and successful tech savvy leaders who lead a balanced life dedicated to integrity in their personal lives, family, and Mexico

Forty years ago the Thomas Jefferson Institute was founded with the solid idea of creating Successful and Happy leaders with a foundation based on Excellence, Self-esteem and Respect. Since then we have watched generations of students grow and generate proposals for making positive changes in their environment and we believe that little by little we transform our world in this way. The Santa Monica Campus is located in the State of Mexico, 15 minutes away from Mexico City.

Fifteen years ago we opened the doors of our Campus in Guadalajara, always maintaining innovation as an essential part of our philosophy, the preservation of our culture and academic excellence. Since 2012, we have been accredited internationally by NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) which widely accredits educational institutions and universities such as Harvard, MIT, Boston College, among others. This accreditation has also given us the right to become a member of ASOMEX (American Schools of Mexico), an association that provides multiple training opportunities and competencies in academic, athletic, and artistic areas for students and staff.

Just two hours north of Mexico City is Queretaro, a city that was called a promising city by former President Barack Obama because of its economic and progressive leadership in the region. Our campus is distinguished by our creativity and sense of family that has united us since its foundation in 2007. Together, in both home and school, we design experiences for our students that allow them to discover and grow.

Five years ago we opened the doors of our campus in the Zona Esmeralda, an area surrounded by forests and natural beauty, 15 minutes from our Mother Campus in Santa Monica. Since its opening, our Campus Zona Esmeralda has stood out for its academic rigor, anti-bullying program and the inclusion of technology as a means for learning through projects such as the radio booth, robotics, programming, among others.

In Guadalajara, we are located in the most modern and thriving area of the city, bringing education to a distinctive level that makes us an important educational reference point in our country. Together with ITJ-Palomar, we have the NEASC accreditation, which in turn allowed us to be part of the ASOMEX (Association of American Schools in Mexico), whereby the Thomas Jefferson Institute has access to various trainings, activities and interaction with schools that are also members of this esteemed association.

Thomas Jefferson Institute