Student Profile


The Thomas Jefferson family is made up of alumni of more than thirty years and who today are architects, doctors, artists, etc.…; parents, who are always ready to give their child the best; teachers, committed to shaping happy and positive children, and finally children, who every day share their magic in the classroom. We are a great family who nurtures each other with love and values; a family that believes and participates in a better Mexico. 

ITJ Student

  • Recognizes their talents and strengths and works hard on them.
  • Builds their individuality and makes effective decisions.
  • Offers developmental, empathetic, and creative solutions.
  • Knows how to propose, search, share and apply solutions. Team player.
  • Practices active and generous leadership in their social and ecological environment.
  • Develops a rich self-motivating and enterprising energy.
  • Respects differences and promotes an attitude of peace and progress.


Graduates of the Thomas Jefferson system are a proud base of our prestige. From each graduating class a large percentage of our students earn academic, athletic, and leadership scholarships to prestigious universities in Mexico and abroad such as; the Iberoamericana, the Universidad Anáhuac, the Universidad de las Américas, the Colegio de México, the ITAM, ITESM, Berkeley University, and The New York Film Academy. (ITESO, TEC, etc…) Career choices include Business Administration, Medicine, Law, Technology, Robotics, Communication, Psychology, Biotechnology, Architecture, Accounting and Computer Science Engineering.