Educational Model


Our cause is to develop in our students the foundations to be positive leaders and entrepreneurs who are socially responsible and environmentally conscious. Our students are happy and successful tech savvy leaders who lead a balanced life dedicated to integrity in their personal life, family, and Mexico. 


We have designed a unique educational model based on nine interlinking areas proposed and crafted by our internal council of academics, psychologists, and innovators as well as international universities and top companies. Our objective is that our students become positive agents of change for their family and Mexico.


The Thomas Jefferson Leadership Strategy is comprised of four different leadership programs (Humanistic, Entrepreneurial, Academic, and Digital) which are designed for our students to develop the skills necessary for their leadership styles.

Humanistic Leadership:

  • Humanistic
  • Whole School Sustainability
  • Active in community
  • Personalized Education
  • Thomas Jefferson Family
  • Happiness and Success

Academic Leadership:

  • Certified teachers
  • Ongoing certification and professional development (Microsoft School of the Future, Google in Education, Buck Institute of Education...)
  • More than 120 projects K-12, including collaborations with prestigious universities and organizations (MIT, HTH, USGBC, Eco Rise, NASA…)

Digital Leadership

  • TJ-App
  • TJ-Radio
  • Robotics
  • iPads
  • Programming
  • Digital spaces

Entrepreneurial Leadership

  • Entrepreneurial Parents Forums
  • Talent discovery and development
  • Solution Drills
  • Social work programs
  • Jefferson Leadership Mentor Program